“Your healing is not just for you. It is for all of us.
Your capacity to embody unconditional love
will be instrumental in enabling human consciousness
on our planet to make the quantum shift
from fear to love.”   Paul Ferrini

Paul Ferrini's Next Spiritual Retreat in North Carolina October 23-29, 2017
Phase 2 Healing Your Life Workshop October 21-23, 2017

                                                                             Wild Horses on the Beach at Corolla , North Carolina on the Outer Banks.

                                                                             Wild Horses on the Beach at Corolla , North Carolina on the Outer Banks.

Paul's next retreat will take place in Corolla , North Carolina on the outer banks. This is a place of amazing beauty with unspoiled beaches stretching all the way to the Virginia line.  Just north is the Currictuck National Wildlife Refuge (accessed only by 4 wheel drive) where you will see wild horses roaming on the beach.  
     The early registration price for the retreat is $2,000 with shared occupancy accommodations and $2500  for single occupancy.  Lunch and dinner October. 24 - 28th are included in the retreat price.  Click here to register for shared occupancy.  
     A Phase 2 Healing Your Life Workshop will precede the retreat.  The early registration price for the Phase 2 Healing Your Life Workshop, assuming you are attending the retreat too, is $500 including lodging.  Food costs (additional) are still being computed.  Click here to register for Phase 2 and get the early registration rate.
      The nearest airport is Norfolk International in the Norfolk/Virginia Beach, VA area.  If you are not driving your own car to the retreat, we suggest renting a car at the airport.   From the airport, take Rt. 64 South to Rt. 168 south to North Carolina.  Then take Rt. 158 over the bridge to the outer banks.  Go north on Rt. 12 to Carolla.   Further directions will be forthcoming.

The shift into love consciousness happens as we move out of our heads into our hearts, out of the need to manipulate and control into acceptance and surrender. The result is that we struggle less and have more peace.
     Our intuition is awakened. We no longer need to try to figure things out in advance. We can let life unfold naturally.  We learn to move with the current instead of against it. Things happen when they are ready to happen and we are content to let them evolve without pressure on ourselves or others.
     We become more patient, more attentive to the gifts each moment spontaneously brings.  We dance, we explore, we play.  We enjoy the process and stop obsessing on the goal.
     We learn to let go of selfish desires and to look for outcomes that honor everyone. We forgive and allow ourselves to be forgiven.
     We learn to live in harmony with all beings.  We connect with animals, planets, rivers, mountains, with the incredible beauty and majesty of the natural world.  We become good stewards of the earth and compassionate caretakers of the life-forms that live upon it.
     No we are not perfect and will never be.   But we learn from our mistakes and hold our imperfection and that of others with great gentleness and compassion.We walk with an open heart and an open mind. We show up when we are needed. We extend our love to those who need it without conditions.

Attend Paul Ferrini's last Spiritual Retreat from the comfort of your home.

Thanks to Lee Cholodenko, we were able to record all of Paul Ferrini's talks on the Eight Keys to the Kingdom at the last retreat in Germany in June, 2017.  Now you can watch all of these videos and experience the power of this retreat when it is convenient for you. These talks are in English with German translation.   They are bundled now with all text materials in a new online course. Click here to learn more.    

Next Spiritual Retreat with Paul Ferrini in Germany May 17-22, 2018

Our next spiritual retreat in Waldbreitbach, Germany will take place May 17 --22, 2018.  Please take advantage of the early registration price of 550 Euros for tuition if you register by November 1, 2017.    Click here to register early

Dear Friends,

You can save 200 Euros per person on tuition to the retreat if you register by November 1, 2017. 
The cost after November 1 increases to 650 Euros. 
The cost after February 1, 2018 increases to 750 Euros.  
Click here to register early

If you have difficulty paying the whole thing but want to lock in your place and the early registration price, we will accept two payments of 300 Euros each, one paid before November 1, 2017 and the other paid before February 1, 2018.  Click here to make the first payment of 300 Euros. **

Lodging and food for the retreat will cost 454 Euros for a single room and 389 Euros per person for a shared room.   Note: there are only 6 rooms that can accommodate 2 people so don't wait to register if you are a couple.  Once you have registered for the retreat, you can reserve your room at the retreat center.

I hope that you will take advantage of this substantial early registration discount and plan to join us at our retreat in May, 2018.

Love and blessings,

Paul Ferrini

** Please note that all tuition payments are non-refundable.   However, you can transfer your payment to another person if you do so by February 1, 2018.

Photos from Previous Retreats

What you Learn at a Retreat

Every Spiritual Retreat with Paul Ferrini and every workshop with his certified teachers offers you an opportunity to identify and dissolve the blocks to love in your own heart.  You begin to understand and heal the deep wounds you carry, transcend your reactive behavior, and end your patterns of self-betrayal. 
     Of course, this does not happen overnight.  It takes time, practice and commitment.  But gradually healing takes place and you begin to step into your power and purpose as a human being. 
     Most of our students and teachers attend multiple retreats and workshops, knowing that each time they show up they take another step forward in their spiritual growth, learning to love themselves and others more deeply.  After a year of in-depth work, their inner light begins to shine through and their transformation is apparent to everyone.

Kristen and the other participants in one of Paul Ferrini's Retreats on Palm Island

Kristen's Experience

I revealed parts of my life that I had kept inside since I was a child. I was terrified to tell anyone for fear I would be viewed as being "bad". I felt just the opposite. I felt loved and accepted. There was no shame. I felt a connection with the people that shared their stories that weekend more than most of my longtime, closest companions.  It changed my life.
     Over the years I have gone to a few different counselors, starting when I was in my late 20's and although I have found some healing through those counselors there is no comparison to the healing I found at Paul's workshop. Paul has a way of connecting to everyone at the retreats where they know they are loved just as they are, they are perfect just as they are. That was such an empowering revelation for me. That retreat was like having years of therapy in one weekend. I am such a believer in this work that I have told all of my friends about it. And my husband is now doing the work.
     Through Paul's work I have learned to be more forgiving of myself and others. I have learned to tell my truth and live my truth and that each and everyone of us has our own truth to live which is different for everyone. When my life is lived from this perspective all fear and judgment of others disappears.
     I am striving to BE this way everyday. I am not there yet. This work will continue to expand my heart and my consciousness. I feel so blessed that this has come into my life.

Below you can watch Chrissie Micallef's slide show about Paul Ferrini's retreats in Florida.  The photos on this page, as well as many other photos on this site, were taken by Chrissie. Chrissie Micallef has been an active participant in many of our retreats and workshops, as
well as in our virtual community.  She
lives in New Zealand.