"Thirty-five years of heart-centered spiritual work
have taught me what is necessary
to bring about real, lasting change
in a person's consciousness and experience." 

Paul Ferrini


Ongoing classes with Paul Ferrini and his certified teachers are now being offered through our Virtual Community. These include Paul Ferrini’s monthly teleconference and a follow-up video class, plus small group classes and affinity groups with certified teachers. Click here to read more.

More intensive and in-depth work is offered by Paul Ferrini at his retreats, and by the certified teachers in their residential Healing Your Life and Keys the Kingdom weekend workshops.  More about these topics can be found below, along with information about certified teachers.

Occasionally, Paul Ferrini offers workshops in communities in the US and abroad where people are seriously studying his work and have the resources to sponsor an intensive weekend.  Contact us if you have an interest in bringing Paul to your community.

Workshops with Paul and his certified teachers are offered on an on-demand basis. If you want to attend a workshop, please contact us and we will connect you with a certified teacher. Those who are studying the work in depth can also receive one to one mentoring, either with Paul or with one of the teachers.

Attending a workshop or retreat is like coming home. You feel safe, accepted as you are, loved unconditionally.  It is a profound, life-changing experience!

Residential Healing Your Life Intensives

Paul Ferrini’s Healing Your Life Transformational Workshops condense the most powerful teachings from his books to create
a comprehensive curriculum that helps participants awaken to the truth, heal their wounds, and step into their power and purpose. Paul has spent the last 7 years training teachers to offer his transformational work in small groups all over the world. 
The experiential processes presented in this workshop have been culled, honed, and interwoven by Paul from over 35 years of experience leading heart-centered workshops and retreats. This workshop distills the work of a lifetime into a weekend experience that will change your life.

Click here to read a longer description of Paul Ferrini's Healing Your Life Workshop

Click here to read a description of each of the three phases of the Healing Your Life Workshop

To get a sense of the workshop, please listen to the following video clips of Paul Ferrini Teaching the Three Phases of the Curriculum at his previous retreat on Palm Island in April, 2013. Please note that audio recordings of this material are also available.

Click to view: Dark Night of the Soul 
Click to view: We Are the Bringers of Love 
Click to view: Dealing with Spiritual Crisis
Click to view: Four Components of Creative Fulfillment
Click to view: Relationship as a Path for Transformation 
Click to view: Cultivating Open Heart and Open Mind

Healing Your Life Audio.jpg

If you would like to purchase the video or audio recordings of the Healing Your Life Workshop taught by Paul Ferrini, please click on the links below:

Three hour Video Highlights Film. Click here to order the DVD for $36.00 plus shipping.
Click here to order the video download for $27.00

Complete Video Recordings
Click here to order the 5 DVD set for $111.00 plus shipping

Complete Audio Recordings Click here to purchase the 11 CD Set for $111.00 plus shipping. 
Click here to purchase the 11 Audio Downloads for $99. 00

Keys to the Kingdom Workshops

A Keys to the Kingdom Workshop is offered as a weekend intensive by Paul Ferrini and his certified teachers.
All eight spiritual practices in the book are covered.   Please contact us if you want to bring a workshop to your

Jesus told us that The kingdom of heaven is within. The storms of life will
come and go. Of that we may be certain. A wise person does not just hope
for the luck of the draw. He or she does not live in fear of the storm,
but instead prepares to meet it when it comes. Words are not enough
to change old habits. This book is a tool that was made to fit in your
hand so that you wouldn’t hesitate to use it.
     The keys in this book will open doorways in your life.  They will help you
to transform your experience. Fear will drop away and unconditional love will
shine through. As you awaken to who you are, so will the people around you.
A fearful world cannot exist for a loving heart. Love changes everything.
That is why this works.

Certified Teachers

Please click on the image of the teacher to see a short video introduction

Teachers in North America:  From Left to right Soleila Elliott (Canada), Ana Barrio (US and Mexico), Luanne Allgood (North Carolina), Lee Cholodenko, Julie McClung, Chuck Greenwood, Donna Yerman, Judy Gifford (all from California) and Annie Watson (Vermont).

European Teachers: From left to right Martine Chalanset (France)  and German Teachers: Angelika Kreutzer-Rombach,
Waldemar Jercher, Doris Schaefer. Silvia Thesselig, Anje Krause, and Philippa Campling (German and Italian)