Paul Ferrini

Offering Inspiration and Practical Tools for the Spiritual Journey

"Over 35 years of working with people as a teacher, retreat/workshop leader and spiritual mentor have taught me what is necessary to make a qualitative, lasting changing in a person's consciousness and experience."

Paul Ferrini is a modern day Kahlil Gibran— poet, mystic, visionary, teller of truth.    Larry Dossey  
Paul Ferrini’s books are the most important I have read. I study them like a Bible.    Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

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Paul Ferrini has written 50 books on Love, Healing and Forgiveness. 
His work has been translated into many languages and he is known throughout the world as a teacher of unconditional love.

His retreats, workshops, affinity group process, and virtual community
have been life-changing, helping people heal their wounds,
create successful relationships, and step into their power
and purpose in life.  Read more.

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Hot off the Press - Paul Ferrini's New Book Answering the Call of the Soul:
How Suffering Transforms our Consciousness and our Experience of the World.

Pain is not a punishment.
It is a wake-up call for our soul.
It is a doorway to transformation.

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Looking for Guidance and Support on Your Spiritual Journey?

Please check out Paul Ferrini's New Virtual Community offering talks and videos by Paul and small groups facilitated by teachers trained by Paul.   This is a rare opportunity to interact directly with Paul Ferrini and his certified teachers, on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, from the comfort of your home, all for less than the cost of a gym membership. 
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If you want to experience Paul Ferrini's teaching in depth, consider taking his two powerful new online courses. The Healing Your Life Course includes all text materials and over 14 hours of video instruction.  Click here to learn more.  The Keys to the Kingdom Course contains all text materials and 9 hours of video instruction, recently recorded at Paul's Retreat in Germany in June, 2017. Click here to learn more.  Combine these online Courses with Membership in our Virtual Community and you will understand the core teachings/fundamental concepts of this work, learn how they apply to your life, and experience the loving support of our vibrant international community.  Click here to read more other online courses now being created.

 Attend Paul Ferrini's last Spiritual Retreat from the comfort of your home.

Thanks to Lee Cholodenko, we were able to record all of Paul Ferrini's talks on the Eight Keys to the Kingdom at the last retreat in Germany in June, 2017.  Now you can watch all of these videos and experience the power of this retreat when it is convenient for you. These talks are in English with German translation.   They are bundled now with all text materials in a new online course. Click here to learn more.    

Paul Ferrini's Next Spiritual Retreat

Paul is planning a retreat in Florida in November, 2017.   As prices at Palm Island have risen sharply, Paul is seeking an alternative location.  He is considering renting one or two properties on Anna Maria Island (near Bradenton, FL) but, in order to proceed, we need to know how many of you would attend.  Our preferred dates are November 11-18, 2017.  The early registration price should be about $2,000 including tuition and double occupancy accommodations. In order to lock in the early registration price, you will need to commit to the retreat by making a non-refundable deposit of $500 by September 1, 2017.  Click here to register and pay the $500 deposit to hold your place.  Learn more.

For a taste of what happens at a retreat, watch Paul Ferrini's meditation and teachings videos below. .  

Paul Ferrini's Connecting to Love Meditation

Paul Ferrini Teaching about the Dark Night of the Soul