with Paul Ferrrini

For 35 years, Paul Ferrini has guided many of his students, teachers, and readers through significant life challenges and spiritual crises.   While most people receive the support they need through Paul's workshops, retreats and virtual community talks, there are times when one-to-one sessions are instrumental in helping people end dysfunctional patterns of self-betrayal and step into their power and purpose in life.  Priority for individual counseling sessions is given to members of the Virtual Community and others committed to ongoing work with Paul.   However, exceptions can be made, when someone is in crisis and Paul feels that he can help. The cost of a one hour session is $200.  To book a counseling session with Paul, click here. Once we receive your payment we will contact you to arrange a session or you
may contact Teresa at orders@lightforthesoul.com or call the office 941-776-8001.

Spiritual Counseling with Certified Teachers/Therapists

Paul Ferrini has trained many teachers and therapists over the years.  Often, if Paul does not have time to work with someone in need, he will refer that person to one of his certified teachers or therapists.  These individuals have an in-depth understanding of Paul's Healing Your Life curriculum and the related spiritual practices associated with this work.  Like Paul, they are devoted to helping people heal their wounds and make significant breakthroughs in their consciousness and experience.  

There are  three options for mentoring.   Choose the one that works best for you.

One Session (1 hour) every 28 days $100.00 6 month commitment. This is a recurring monthly charge.

Two Sessions (2 hours)  Bi-weekly $180.00 6 month commitment. This is a recurring monthly charge.

Four Sessions (4 hours) Weekly $320.00 3 month commitment. This is a recurring monthly charge.

Please not that your credit card will be charged on a monthly basis.   Right now mentoring is open only to members of our Virtual Community.  Membership in our virtual community provides the overall framework for the support available. Mentoring is an additional support for those who need it. If you are not sure how much support you need, consider having a counseling session with Paul and you can decide together what makes sense for you.