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With sweetness, clarity and simplicity we are directed to the truth within.   Pat Rodegast


When Love Comes as a Gift -- Meeting the Soul Mate in this Life

           ISBN:    978-1-879159-81-5          176 PagesPaperback   $12.95

           ISBN:    978-1-879159-81-5
         176 PagesPaperback   $12.95

A Promise Made and a Promise Fulfilled

The soul mate is not just one person, but a work in progress, a tapestry being woven out of light and shadow, hope and fear. Every lover we have prepares us to meet the Beloved. Each one brings a lesson and a gift and each defers to another who brings a deeper gift and a more compelling lesson.
     Our partner challenges us to become authentic and emotionally present. S/he invites us to walk through our fears, to tell the truth and to trust more deeply. Gradually, we open our hearts to the potential of creating intimacy on all levels. And then it is no longer a temporal affair. It is Spirit come to flesh.
It is the indwelling Presence of Love, blessing us and lifting us up. It is both a gift and a responsibility, both a promise made and a promise fulfilled.   Click here to order the book for $12.95      Click here to order the ebook for $10.00   Click here to read an excerpt from this book

Dancing with the Beloved -- Opening our Hearts to the Lessons of Love

     ISBN # 1-879159-47-3     $12.95                          160 Pages

     ISBN # 1-879159-47-3     $12.95  
                       160 Pages

Romance may open the door to love, but it does not help us walk through it. Something else is needed. Something deeper. Something ultimately more real. Challenging times must be weathered. Love must be strengthened beyond neediness and self- interest. It must die a thousand deaths to learn to rise like the phoenix beyond adversity of any kind.
     Love is not a fragile, shiny thing, kept separate from the pain and misery of life.   It is born of our willingness to learn from our mistakes and encounter the depth of our pain, as well as our partner's pain. That is the way it is.
     In time we learn that all pain is the same pain. And we have compassion for the other people who inadvertently step on our toes as they learn to find the inner rhythms of the dance. Like us, they will stumble and fall hundreds of times until that moment of profound acceptance when grace comes and the beloved takes their hand in the circle.  Click here to order the book for $12.95      Click here to order the book for $10.00   Click here to read an excerpt from this book

Creating A Spiritual Relationship
A Guide to Growth and Happiness for Couples on the Path


144 pages  ISBN 1-879159-39-2  $10.95

144 pages  ISBN 1-879159-39-2  $10.95

This simple but profound guide will help you and your partner weather the ups and downs of your relationship so that you can grow together and deepen the intimacy between you.  The seven spiritual laws discussed in this book provide a roadmap for couples who are committed to their mutual spiritual growth.      
     Relationship is the most challenging spiritual path available to us today on the planet. No other path brings up our buried doubts, fears and insecurities for healing so definitively. It takes great courage for us to see the parts of ourselves that we have trouble accepting being mirrored back to us by our partners. Yet, by making peace with our partners, we make peace within ourselves and we come to experience our own wholeness, 
    As difficult as the journey sometimes seems, it has breathtaking moments. The hard shell around the heart begins to crack open. Where fear used to hold us back, we learn to take little steps forward. We take risks, walk through our fears. We learn to trust each other. We experience a gentleness born of the struggle, a sweetness born of the pain. There is an inner knowingness of self, of other: a surrender into the heart of acceptance and love.  Click here to purchase the book for $10.95   Click here to purchase the ebook for $10.00      Click here to read an excerpt from this book

Living in the Heart -- The Affinity Process
and the Path of Unconditional Love and Acceptance

     ISBN 1-879159-36-8  $10.95

     ISBN 1-879159-36-8  $10.95

The definitive book on the Affinity Process! Now, you can learn how to hold a safe, loving, non-judgmental space for yourself and others which will enable you to open your heart and move through your fears.  If you are a serious student of Paul Ferrini’s teachings, this book is essential for you. It will enable you to begin a spiritual practice which will transform your life and the lives of others. It will also offer you a way of extending the teachings of love and forgiveness throughout your community.  Click here to order the book for $10.95   Click here to order the ebook for $10.00

Click here to read the Affinity Group Purpose, Guidelines and Agreements
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Crossing The Water:  Poems About Healing
and Forgiveness in Our Relationships

      ISBN 1-879159-25-2     $9.95

      ISBN 1-879159-25-2     $9.95

Our relationships help us heal childhood wounds, walk through our deepest fears, and cross over the water of our emotional pain. Just as the rocks in the river are "pounded and caressed to rounded stone," the rough edges of our personalities are worn smooth in the context of a committed relationship. If we can keep our hearts open, we can heal together and discover what it means to give and receive love without conditions.    Click here to order the book for $9.95   Click here to read an excerpt from this book

Listen to Paul Ferrini reading from Crossing the Water:
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Relationship Audio

Heart and Soul

The CD Heart and Soul features Paul Ferrini reading his inspirational love poems from Available Light and Crossing the Water, with gorgeous piano accompaniment by Suzi Kesler.  Click on the links below to listen to Paul reading more of his poetry.

Sanctuary at Rock Harbor
Winter Landscape
Weather of the Heart
Dreaming of Wings
Morning Snow
Certainty of the Leaves
Hands of God

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Relationship as a Spiritual Path

Selections on Love and Partnership from Dancing with the Beloved, Creating a Spiritual Relationship and other books.