The Healing Your Life Learning Program

All individuals who want to pursue their own healing or be trained by Paul begin by participating in the Healing Your Life Learning Program.  This program is the gateway to all advanced training options. Most people take six months to a year to complete the learning program, but all participants must complete the program within eighteen months to receive their learning program certificate.   With this certificate, you are certified at the instructor level and can offer study groups using all of the online classes
taught by Paul.  You are also eligible to apply to the Teacher Training Program.


  • Attend 2 Retreats with Paul Ferrini during the year
  • Participate in 3 Intensive Healing Your Life (HYL) Workshops with Certified Teachers (Phase 1, 2, and 3)*
  • Participate in a Keys to the Kingdom Workshop and a Affinity Process Workshop in person or online with teacher support.
  • Participate in Paul’s Virtual Community

    * Please note that some credit can be given for Online Healing Your Life Courses when Phases 1-3 are done with teacher support.  Attendance and Homework are required.   In addition, Phase Two of Healing Your Life (or the equivalent) must be done in person.

In the Learning Program, you will engage in a process of self-healing and empowerment that helps you:

  • learn to love and accept yourself unconditionally
  • move through your pain and heal your wounds
  • forgive yourself and others for past trespass/injury
  • take responsibility for what you think, feel, say and do
  • communicate honestly without blaming others
  • stand up for yourself without hurting others
  • drop your mask and embrace your True Self
  • stop being a victim and step into your power and purpose
  • hear, honor, and trust your inner guidance
  • create more fulfilling intimate relationships
  • create more fulfilling work that expresses your talents and gifts

The Healing Your Life Teacher/Therapist Training Program

All learning program graduates can apply the Teacher/Therapist Training Program. First, they must pass an exam on the three phases of the Healing Your Life Curriculum, showing their mastery of the concepts and their ability to integrate their knowledge into the fabric of their daily lives.  Then they offer Phase 1, 2, and 3 Healing Your LIfe Study Groups, taking a small group of
people through the curriculum in a thirteen week period.   During this time, they receive mentoring from an experienced teacher or or therapist, offer an affinity group in their community, and assist certified teachers at their weekend intensives.  They also participate in the Virtual Community and attend any retreats with Paul that might be offered.   When Paul and their mentor feels that they are ready, they are certified to teach weekend intensives (Level One Certification) and continue to work with their mentor as they gain experience teaching and/or using the Healing Your Life curriculum and spiritual practices in their counseling work.  When Paul and their mentor feel they are ready, he awards them with Level Two Certification.  They are then free to give
workshops on their own. Licensed Therapists receive referrals from Paul when he has students who need intensive one on one support. 
     Level One Certification can be earned in six months to a year, depending on the intensity with which it is pursued.   The same is true for Level Two Certification.  All Level One or Two Certified Teachers/Therapists remain in good standing by participating on an on-going basis in the Virtual Community and attending any advanced trainings offered by Paul.

Working with people in Spiritual Crisis

As a psychotherapist, counselor, social worker, coach, minister or other human service professional you play a vital role in the transformation of consciousness on this planet. Training with Paul Ferrini will help you renew and re-invigorate your career and become a skilled guide for clients who are undergoing spiritual crisis.     
     The world we live in is changing.  Families are falling apart. Adults and their children are struggling. The old values and social structures that helped us make sense of the world and guided our decisions are no longer intact. 
   People feel overwhelmed and confused. They live without passion or purpose, without goals or ideals to guide them.  Many are self-medicating to get through the day. Some are giving up hope.
   If you are a human service professional you see this every day. This is a time of intense crisis for many people. Yet their challenge is not just a worldly one. It is not just that they need to learn to cope better or become more functional in their lives. Their lives don’t work anymore. Humpty dumpy has fallen off the wall and crashed on the floor.  They have tried to pick up the pieces and glue them together, but they have realized that it is a futile task.
   Their old life has fallen apart. They are standing on a cliff, knowing that they cannot go back. They are afraid to jump, yet know that they have no choice.
   As a helper and a guide, you realize that your clients have come to the cliff because they are ready to make a leap of faith.
They have come to the key moment in their lives when they are ready to stop being a victim, take their power back and begin living honestly and authentically. You will also understand that the process of letting go of limiting beliefs, roles and support mechanisms can often be disorienting and scary.
   If you went through this process by yourself you know how difficult it is to take the journey alone.  You know how helpful it would have been if someone had been able to give you a roadmap to guide you through the process.

A Message from Paul

During the last 35 years as a spiritual teacher and counselor, I have come to understand how real change happens for people. That understanding has given birth to my Healing Your Life Workshops and the Training Program for Teachers and Therapists.
     A major part of the workshop and the training is the Roadmap for psychological integration and spiritual transformation.  This Roadmap guides us through the dark night of the soul when we are experiencing psychological pain and disorientation and our lives seem to be falling apart. It helps us relinquish what is false in our lives and embrace what is true.  It helps us connect to our source, our higher power, our Core Self – call it what you will.
     With the help of the Roadmap, along with wise direction and support from others who have been through the process of spiritual transformation, we are able to move more easily through the dark tunnel of our pain, our fear and our shame into the light of day. We are able to move from denial to acceptance, from victimhood to empowerment, from self betrayal to self actualization.
     It would be great if we could be born without pain and struggle.  But pain is an inextricable part of the birthing experience. The more we resist the pain, the more intense it gets. The only way to end our pain is to move through it.
     One spiritual master told us, we have “to die and be reborn in order to enter the kingdom.” The death of the ego and the surrendering of control are essential steps in the process of spiritual transformation.  The False Self must die for the True Self to be born.
     It is impossible to support people in this journey unless you have taken it yourself.  As s a therapist, a coach, a teacher or facilitator of healing you must walk your talk.  To help clients in spiritual crisis, you must weather the storm in your own life. You must go through your own dark night of the soul, relinquish your patterns of self-betrayal, and be reborn as an more authentic human being.  The True Self must be born in you if you are to be a mid-wife to others who are going through spiritual crisis.