New Book by Paul Ferrini

978-1-879159-97-6  (black text inside ) $14.95.  Available for retail and wholesale.

Pain is not a punishment. It is a wake-up call for our soul.
It is a doorway to transformation.

Human suffering is universal. It started in the days of Adam and Eve and continues today,
in your life and mine. All of us feel fear, shame, and various forms of physical or psychological pain.
Some of this is unavoidable . . . we just have to weather the storm.

But some of our suffering is self-created. It arises from past wounds, false beliefs
and patterns of self-betrayal that we can understand and heal.
As we heal, we become more gentle and loving.
We stop projecting our pain and attacking others.
We begin to feel compassion for the suffering of all beings.

As we heal ourselves, the world around us begins to heal.
Our shame is released. Our guilt is forgiven.
Innocence is reborn, in your heart and mine.

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