Answering the Call
of the Soul

An Excerpt

The Power of Awareness


Light is another word for awareness. When we are aware of something we shed light on it. By bringing the light to the shadowy world within, we illumine it.  By looking at our judgments, and the wounds and reactive patterns behind them, we begin to see through the various veils and blocks to love within our consciousness. What we become aware of, or bring the light to, can no longer operate unconsciously. That is the power of awareness.

The Taoists call this practice “turning around the light.” When we shine the light on our inner world, we begin to transform it. Gradually the shadows are illuminated and we see through the veils to Our Core Self. This is our shining essence, our original innocence. As long as we keep bringing the light, it happens by itself. We don’t have to make it happen.

    When you are aware of a judgment, you no longer make it real. It can no longer color your perception. When you are aware of your wound, you stop attracting people who want to wound you and you stop wounding others. For most of us, the cycle of abuse continues only because it operates unconsciously. When we make it conscious, we begin to neutralize its power. 

    It is not that we make our judgments go away. By seeing them without identifying with them  or pushing them away, we disconnect the trigger. The bomb may still be there, but there is no way to explode it. And that gives us time to call the bomb squad in to disassemble the bomb.

    For those who commit to inner child healing, the bomb can be taken apart. The cycle of abuse  can be consciously ended. For those who are not drawn to inner child healing work, but who practice compassionate awareness of their judgments, the trigger is detached so that the bomb can no longer explode, causing havoc for themselves and others. Hopefully, your spiritual  practice includes one or both of these tools. Read more about this book.

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