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"Paul Ferrini’s new work Crossing the Threshold from Fear to Love presents a powerful program of spiritual wisdom and empowerment.  With an investment of only 15 minutes a day, you can move through your fears and align with the power of love. These teachings and practices can transform your life and help you to realize your full potential as a human being!”    
Tony Robbins

Join us on the Journey from Fear to Love

We may not know how to love without conditions when we come into this world, but we can use our time here to learn
to open our hearts to love’s presence.  We can engage in a simple spiritual practice that helps us wake up,
shine our light, and become an inspiration for others”
Paul Ferrini

31 Spiritual Teachings and Practices that can transform your life.

Paul Ferrini’s Online Course Journey from Fear to Love includes the entire text of his book Crossing the Threshold from Fear to Love, as well as all of Paul’s video presentations. Audio downloads are also included. You have unlimited access to this Course whenever you want it. This Online course was originally designed  to offer a spiritual teaching and practice for 31 consecutive days. However, you have the option of doing this Online Course in 31 weeks, or simply one teaching and practice at a time on your own timetable. The daily practice brings the great intensity and has an immediate cumulative effect on the transformation of consciousness. The weekly practice enable you to spend a longer time on each teaching and allows for integration of the material over time. Please choose the approach that works best for you.
You can purchase the entire online course for $299. This includes the entire text and numerous videos of Paul Ferrini teaching the material. This option is suggested if you have time to listen to all the videos and wish to delve deeply into the material.

You can also purchase any of the 31 course units separately for $9.99 each. Each unit includes the full text and video for that teaching and practice. To read short descriptions of each unit, along with purchase links, click here.

Paul’s long-awaited Book is Available Mid-September,2019

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Please click here to learn more about the book.