Soul Vibration and Life Path

Determining Your Soul Vibration

The soul vibration is the number that represents the energy that you bring into this embodiment, as well as the area in which your talents and gifts manifest. Your soul vibration tells you the primary energetic focus of your life.

Your soul vibration is found by calculating the sum of the numerical values of the letters in the name that you were born with (full legal name). Each letter in your name has a numerical value. To find out the value of each letter, please refer to the table below.

1    2     3     4     5     6    7     8     9
a    b     c     d     e     f     g     h     i
j     k      l      m    n     o    p    q     r
s    t      u      v     w     x    y    z

For example, try computing the soul vibration of Abraham Lincoln.
Abraham is 1+2+9+1+8+1+4 = 26 and Lincoln is 3+9+5+3+6+3+5 = 34.

Then add together the values of all of the names you were born with.

For example, Abraham Lincoln is 26+34 = 60. Then reduce it to a number between 1 and 9 by adding the digits of the numbers together. For example 60 is 6+0= 6.
So the name Abraham Lincoln has a six soul vibration.

Look at your birth certificate if you are unsure of your full legal name.

If you change your name later in life, you can also compute the numerological value that corresponds to the name you are now using, especially if you have used it for
many years.

Determining your Life Path

Your life path is the area of life in which you experience your greatest challenges and your greatest growth. Your life path brings the lessons in your life and helps to build your character as a person.

Your life path is calculated by adding together the day, month and the year of your birth. First add the day and month values together. Then add the year values together. Then find the sum of both numbers and add the digits together to get a number between 1 and 9.

For example, Abraham Lincoln was born February 12, 1809. So February 12 would be 2+12 =14 and 1809 would be 18+9 = 27. The sum of the two 14+27 = 41.  Then, add the digits together to get a number between 1 and 9.  So, 41 is 4+1= 5.  Lincoln had a five life path.

An Example of Soul Vibration and Life Path

For example, Abraham Lincoln had a soul vibration of six.  He brought his six qualities of compassion and the desire to serve others into the area of public service. In that arena, he sought to fulfill his need for acceptance and belonging, and for the public approval that often eluded him.

Lincoln’s life path was a five. That means that most of the challenges and lessons of his life would have had to do with his need to individuate and think outside of the box and his consequent courage to stand up for what he believed in.

When you look at the six and the five together, you can see how his lessons in life forced Lincoln to make unpopular decisions. He chose to stand alone for principles that he believed in. That often prevented him from attaining the approval and acceptance he hungered for.

Determining your Numerological Signature

Your numerological signature indicates the synergy between your soul vibration and your life path. It is what you achieve or resolve in your life.

Your numerological signature is obtained by adding the number that corresponds to your soul vibration to the number that corresponds to your life path and then adding the digits together to obtain a number between 1 and 9. 

For example, Abraham Lincoln’s numerological signature is a 2 (6 + 5 =11 and 1+1 = 2).
Lincoln's life exhibited the dualism of the number 2.  He was a public figure (6) who had the courage of his convictions (5) and he was both loved and hated by the people he served. .

His decisions pitted brother against brother (2), spilling more blood than had ever been spilled on American soil.  Yet the result of his life was the emancipation of slaves and the end of slavery (5)  With five being the love of freedom, and six being the desire for acceptance, harmony and community, it is clear that life forced Lincoln to make difficult choices that brought benefit to others, while intensifying his own suffering and transformation. In that sense, he exhibits some of the six qualities of the martyr who gives his life for the sake of others.

In the end, we know Lincoln as a larger than life figure whose service to his country was legendary (6), helping us achieve greater equality (2) and freedom (5) for all our citizens.

Creating a Synthesis

To get a full picture of your personal numerology, you must start by understanding your soul vibration and then get clear on how it is asked to express itself in the world (life path).   Understanding the tension between the two numbers will help you fathom some of the challenges you will encounter in your life.  Those challenges will ask you to grow and find ways to harmonize the energies of both numbers.   

Looking at how these important numbers express in each one of your cycles can help you paint a a more detailed picture of the areas of challenge and growth that are operating in your life.  For example, if you are a 6 soul vibration with a 5 life path, like Lincoln, years 5 and 6 of every cycle would be important years.  You would want to  study how the 5 and 6 years expressed in each cycle you have completed.  This kind of study should result in understanding the major themes playing out as your soul attempts to express itself in this world.

If you are  a 2 numerological signature , like Lincoln, you will also want to look at all your 2 years to see how the tensions between your soul vibration and life path are resolving.   It is not surprising perhaps that Lincoln was assasinated at age 56, a personal two year.  The exact date of his death was April 14, 1865.  If you do the
life path calculation for this date, you will see that it is also a 2.

While death may not always resolve the tensions between the soul vibration and the life path, in Lincoln's case it was a major epiphany, indicating the fulfillment of his
purpose in this life. 

Using Your Intuition

You will need to use your intuition to synthesize the meaning of the numbers and to connect the dots between these concepts and the major events and circumstances of your life. This is not a superficial undertaking.

Moreover, all symbolical systems, including this one, are meant to be tools that can help us better understand ourselves and others. They are not meant to be used in a rigid or narrow fashion. The idea is not to try to fit your life into the meaning of the numbers, but to allow your understanding of the numbers to shed light on the major themes and challenges of your life.

As in all quests for genuine understanding, an open heart and an open mind are essential. Neither analysis nor intuition by itself will help you to see the whole picture. Both are necessary.

I sincerely hope that you find this information helpful and that you will use it wisely to shed light on the cycles that are operating in your life. Moving with the current of the river is always more satisfying than trying to swim upstream against it.

There are times in life (years 3-7) when you need to be moving outward into the world with energy and enthusiasm. Those are not times to procrastinate or hold back. On the other hand, there are other times when you need to turn within to find guidance and welcome new energy into your life (years 1-2), and times when you need to turn inward to find reconciliation and to detach from old energetic patterns (years 8-9). Those are not years when you should expect to be outwardly engaged and productive.

Because we are wounded and confused by life, we often swim against the tide, pushing ourselves to be active when we need to rest and go within, or holding ourselves back when it is time for us to participate fully in the world. This makes it
hard for us to learn our lessons and to express our gifts.

However, even if you just understand the basic concepts of the nine year cycle and the way each cycle unfolds within your overall life, you should be able to better attune to the energies within you that need to be nurtured and expressed. That means less conflict within and fewer struggles without. 

Tuning in to your changing needs and cooperating with the universal energy as it is expressed around you leads to a life of grace and abundance. May that life be yours, now and for all your years to come.

Love and Blessings,

Paul Ferrini


For more information about life cycles, including descriptions for years 1-81, you can refer to the Having the Time of Your Life ebook.  A free download of this book came with your purchase of this Course.  In case you misplaced the link you can click here to download the book now.