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Welcome to the Menu Page for the Having the Time of your Life Online Course.   Click on the links below to access each part of the Course. At the end of each part, there are links to navigate within the Course and to return to the Menu Page. 

Introduction to Working with Your Life Cycles

Part 1: Determining Your Current Year

Part 2: Descriptions of the Nine Years

Part 3: Your Life Path and Soul Vibration

Suggestions About How to Take This Course

  1. First Read the Introduction and Part One.  Then Determine Your Current Year in your nine year cycle.
  2. Read the description of Your Current Year in Part Two of this Course and answer all the Journaling Questions pertaining to that year.
  3. You may want to take a break now to internalize the information you have received before moving on.  However, when you are ready, read Part Three and determine your soul vibration and life path numbers. as well as your numerological signature.  Read the descriptions of those numbers in Part Two.  Then, take some time to understand how your soul vibration and life path numbers have expressed themselves in previous nine year cycles.   Pay attention to those key years in your current cycle.
  4. Considering all that you have learned about your cycles, write a Life Plan that includes insights and suggestions that will help you get the most out of the remaining years of your cycle and prepare for your next nine year cycle.

Please note:  Additional Information on Individual Years 1-81  can be found in the Having The Time of Your Life book. A free download of this book came with your purchase of this Course.  In case you misplaced the link you can click here to download the book now.