Journey to Grace

Grace is a state of consciousness.  We cultivate grace when we surrender to the flow of life and no longer seek to control what happens.  We put our own plans aside and let God lead; we are content to be an instrument of the divine will.  Grace enables us to move easily and elegantly in the direction that is for our highest good and the highest good of all. 

Opposite States of Consciousness:  Awkwardness, Interfering in the flow of life, Ego-agendas based on fear and lack of trust. Getting in the way, Trying to manipulate or control, Resisting or complaining about what happens, Lack of faith in and surrender to a higher power, Swimming against the tide or floundering in life like a fish out of water.

The Teaching

 Grace only comes into our lives when we are able to surrender to what is, when we are able to know and trust that everything comes from God.  Then we can  stop resisting and complaining about what comes up in our lives, but instead we can submit to it and allow its purpose to reveal itself.  We understand that God does not give us questionable gifts.  He does not ask us to do things that we are incapable of doing.  He may ask us to learn a lesson or master a skill, but as long as we are willing we are able to fulfill his request. 
     When we have fulfilled some aspect of God’s plan, we can look back in wonder.  The results are often surprising; sometimes they are even miraculous.  And it is clear that if we were not willing to show up and do our part, the chain of grace could have been broken.
     I have said many times before that we are the hands of God.  He uses us to reach into the world and bring help, hope and healing to our brothers and sisters. Without us, without our reverence for life and our attunement to the Divine Will, hope, healing and support would not come into this world.
     We are the bringers of love, not just to ourselves, but to all who share our lives. When we connect with love, we become the servant of God, the instrument of his will, and embodiment of his guidance and his grace. Our bodies, our hearts and our minds are filled with Light and we shine brightly so that those who have lost their way can find their way back home.
     Yes, our surrender and our reverence invite grace into our lives and when grace comes our lives are no longer tedious and full of hardship or striving.  Our needs are met seemingly without effort. Resources come and go easily, because we have surrendered our egos.  We have gotten out of the way, so that the river can flow and carry us downstream.  We know that we no longer act alone.  We have a constant guide and companion who makes straight the way.  Our job is not to lead, but to follow. 
     The Lord is our Shepherd.  He tells us what to do and where to go.  He may not speak to us in a loud voice, but his will is known to us in our hearts and we learn to listen and to trust it.  We know God is with us, walking before us or side by side.  Indeed, we realize that we have never been alone.  He has always been with us.  We just did not know it and trust it.
     What the Lord touches is hallowed. It is sacred.  It is holy.  It is sanctified.  Everything God touches is full of light.  When we become the servant of God his light shines through us. We become transparent.  We become an empty vessel to receive his love, and that love fills us up and overflows to others.  Because we submit to His will, we become the Fountainhead where the thirsty drink and unclean become clean again.  
     Of course, none of this is our own doing.  We cannot take credit for the hope and healing that flows through us.  As Jesus taught, all gifts come from God.  We are merely the messenger or the servant delivering them.
     When we say that someone is graceful, we are suggesting that they move effortlessly without struggle.  They move in the flow.  They are superbly coordinated.  Each part of them is integral and connected to the whole.  They move spontaneously.  They do not crawl through life or walk like the weight of the universe is on their shoulders. They relax and let go of their burdens.  They dance joyfully in the divine stream of life.  Each movement, each gesture is ecstatic.

The Practice

Today, trust yourself and trust the universe.  Realize that anything that comes into your life comes as a gift.  Do not complain or resist.  Accept the gift and let it reveal itself.  Then put it to work in your life.  
     Today, realize that you are not here just to fulfill some ego agenda.  Your purpose is not just to survive.  It is to shine.  
     You are here by the Grace of God and your life itself is a gift.  If you were not worthy of love you would not be here.  If you did not have a purpose, God would not ask anything of you. 
     Be glad that God is knocking on your door, even if he is testing you or asking you to learn an important lesson.  If you do not learn to listen to God and talk with Him honestly, you will squander the gift that has been given to you.
     Today learn to be reverent. Learn to appreciate the beauty around you and all of the opportunities that are coming to you, enabling you to grow and deepen your faith.   Learn to surrender to your higher power so that you can understand and begin to fulfill your purpose here.
    You can try to live your life without God, but it will be an awkward and ungainly life full of struggle and hardship. Why make that choice? Why try to manipulate and control just to survive when you can walk with Him and have the doors open and the path reveal itself step by step?
    A life without God is like a fish out of water.  It may flounder around before it dies but the end is certain.  Today, stop the struggle.  Stop the resistance.  Stop complaining.  Stop trying to control. 
     Learn to submit to something greater than you that has your highest good in mind and heart.  There is a transcendent power that knows more than you know. Why not trust in that? 
     Today, show up the way that God wants you to.  Learn what he wants you to say and to do.  Take the time to commune with Him and drop your ego agenda.  It will only create more suffering in your life.
     Make today a day of surrender.  Invite the Grace of God into your life.  

Journaling Questions

When have you let go of your need to control and let God be your shepherd and your guide? What is your experience of grace manifesting in your life?

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