iSBN for CD Set 978-1-879159-90-7   $44.00

  iSBN for CD Set 978-1-879159-90-7   $44.00

We Are the Bringers of Love:
Re-Parenting the Wounded Child
& Reclaiming Our Joy, Spontaneity and Creativity

Talks by Paul Ferrini at the November, 2011 Retreat on Palm Island Florida

In this series of talks, Paul Ferrini discusses the process of healing the wounds we experienced from early childhood through our teenage years. As we bring love and acceptance to the child who once felt judged, rejected and betrayed by us, we can help him/her feel safe and grow up into a healthy adult. In the process, we experience and integrate the positive qualities of the child: joy, spontaneity, playfulness and creativity.

Available as a 4 CD Set for $44 or as 5 Audio Downloads for $41
Total Time: 4 hours, 15 Minutes

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