We offer you a clear pathway to spiritual growth
and a vibrant community to support you on your journey of awakening. 

Welcome and Thank You for Joining our Virtual Community. 

Now you have easy access to Paul Ferrini's transformational teachings and ongoing support from both students and teachers of Paul's work. Using audio and video conferencing, we offer classes with Paul and our certified teachers, as well as support groups and one-to-one mentoring.

Your bi-weekly support membership entitles you to participate in a live teleconference with Paul once per month.  You will find the login information for this teleconference below , as well as the 2018 dates when the conference call happens. If you miss the call, you can listen to the recording whenever it is convenient for you.   Links to the calls are posted here. 

You will also be able to watch a video conference with Paul and his certified teachers two weeks after the teleconference. Links to the video recording are posted here on the dates below.   You can watch the video whenever it is convenient for you.  

Prior to the teleconference and the video coinference, you can submit questions to Paul or email him suggestions about topics you would like him to discuss.  His direct email is

If you are a weekly support member of the community, you will also receive support twice per month from our certified teachers in the form of affinity groups and/or virtual workshops. You will hear from Paul directly when you choose the weekly support option and he will let you know what is available to you.

Please save the private link to this page in a safe place so that you can access the page whenever you need to.  Kindly keep this link confidential and do not share it with anyone who is not a current member of our Virtual Community.

Optional Facebook Group

Those of you who have Facebook accounts and enjoy that platform can join our private Facebook page where members of our community actively share their experiences with each other.   Links to both the teleconferences and video conferences are also posted on our private Facebook.  To join our page, please send the email address associated with your Facebook account to Libor Modrovsky, one of our members from the Czech Republic who manages the page. Libor will work with you to insure that you are able to access the private Facebook page.  Libor’s address is

Once you have signed up with Libor’s help, you can access the Facebook page by  clicking on this link::

Those of you who are not comfortable with Facebook can find links to all of the audio and video recordings right here.

Teleconferences with Paul

The teleconferences with Paul meet one Tuesday per month at 11 AM Eastern time.  Below you will find the dates and log-in details for these live events with Paul.   Please keep this log-in information confidential and do not share it with anyone who is not in our dedicated community.

  • Dial-in Number: (641) 715-0700

  • Access Code: 682982#

This call-in number is for the US and Canada.  International numbers can be found below.  

If you miss the call you can listen to it later by clicking on the link that will be posted on this page, as well as on the private Facebook page.

Here ate the dates for the teleconference calls for the remainder of 2018.  Occasionally, dates need to be changed when Paul is traveling for a retreat or workshop, but he will email you if that is the case.   

November  6, 2018           December  4, 2018

Click here to go to  our community calendar page.

Community Video Calls with Paul and Certified Teachers

Once per month, Paul meets with certified teachers to explore an important  topic in his work.  Please note that as of October 23, 2018, we will open this video call on Zoom to all members of the virtual community. You will need to download zoom (it is free) by going to www.zoom/us. If you have never used zoom before, please attend the practice session with Lee Cholodenko on Tuesday, October 16, 2018 at 11 AM Eastern. Contact Lee for details.

All video calls are recorded so if you cannot attend live, you can watch the recording whenever it is convenient for you. (see links to recordings below.

Here are the dates when video calls will be posted here (usually by 5 PM EST).  

October 23, 2108           November  20, 2018           December  18, 2018

Click here to go to  our community calendar page.

Online Classes and Virtual Workshops

Doing an Onliine Course at the same time that you are participating in the virtual community will give you an in-depth  understanding of some of the core principles involved in Paul's work.   With over 50 books published, Paul covers a lot of material and readers sometimes do not know where to start when they are ready to explore Paul's work.  The Online Courses feature the material that Paul considers to be essental/foundational to an understanding of his work. All these courses include many hours of video instruction by Paul, as well as complete text materials.  More information on the Online Courses can be found by clicking here.

Every year we offer several virtual workshops with certified teachers who support students who wish to have a more interactive experience as they study one of the online courses.    These video classes meet online via zoom.   More information on Virtual Workshops can be found by clicking here.

Links to Previous Conference Calls and Videos

As a virtual community member you can access the complete library of all of Paul's audio and video sharings this year. if you see a black screen when you click on some of the Teacher's Call videos, please click on it and it will play.

Teleconference with Paul Ferrini November 6, 2018

Community Call Video with Paul Ferrini October 23, 2018

Paul Ferrini’s Talk on Trust at the October, 2018 Vermont Retreat

24th Teacher’s Call with Paul Ferrini  September 25, 2018 

25th Teleconference with Paul Ferrini September 11, 2018

23nd Teacher’s Call with Paul Ferrini  August 28, 2018

24th Teleconference with Paul Ferrini  August 14, 2018

23rd Teleconference with Paul Ferrini July 17, 2018

Substitute Video for Teacher Call for July 3, 2018.  
Love Re-Connects the Wounded Child to the Spiritual Adult (Opening Talk at May, 2018 retreat)
Password: LOVE  (all caps)

22nd Teleconfernce with Paul Ferrini June 19, 2018

22nd Teacher’s Call with Paul Ferrini June 5, 2018.

Relationship Workshop Video from Retreat in Germany by Paul Ferrini
posted from our retreat in Germany in lieu of a Conference Call for May, 2018
Part 1:
Part 2: 

21st Teacher’s Call with Paul Ferrini May 1, 2018  Key #8

21st Teleconference Call with Paul Ferrini April 24, 2018

20th Teacher’s Call with Paul Ferrini April 10, 2018  Key #7

20th Teleconference Call with Paul Ferrini March 27, 2018

19th Teacher’s Call with Paul Ferrini March 13, 2018  Key #6

19th Teleconference Call with Paul Ferrini February 27, 2018

18th Teacher’s Call with Paul Ferrini February 13, 2018  Key #5

18th Teleconference Call with Paul Ferrini January 30, 2018

17th Teacher’s Call with Paul Ferrini January 16, 2018  Key #4

17th Teleconference Call with Paul Ferrini January 2, 2018

16th Teacher’s Call with Paul Ferrini December 19, 2017  Key #3

16th Teleconference Call with Paul Ferrini December 5, 2017

15th Teacher’s Call with Paul Ferrini November 21, 2017  Key #2

15th Teleconference Call with Paul Ferrini November 7, 2017

Interview of Susanne Suter with Paul Ferrini October 18, 2017
"How to step into our creative power"  posted in lieu of the 14th Teacher's Call

14th Teleconference Call with Paul Ferrini October 10, 2017

13th Teacher’s Call with Paul Ferrini September 26, 2017  Key #1

International Dial-In Numbers for Teleconferences with Paul

 Access Code: 682982#

Argentina +54 341 527-2974
Australia+61 2 4238 5112
Austria +43 1 2650533
Belgium+32 3 294 11 53
Brazil +55 11 3042-5283
Bulgaria +359 2 495 1704
Cambodia +855 96 696 7853
Chile +56 2 3210 9933
China +86 510 8022 4352
Costa Rica +506 4090 1332
Croatia +385 1 8000 121
Cyprus +357 77 788683
Czech +420 225 852 081
Denmark +45 78 77 36 31
Dominican Republic +1 829-999-2562
Estonia +372 634 6250
Finland +358 9 74791030
France +33 7 55 51 15 10
GCC/Arabian Peninsula ***+973 1656 8344
Georgia +995 706 777 581
Germany +49 209 88294440
Guatemala +502 2458 1442
Hungary +36 1 999 0172
Iceland +354 539 0350
Ireland +353 1 907 9714
Israel +972 55-966-1101
Italy +39 06 8997 1333
Japan +81 3-5050-5112
Kenya +254 20 5293273
Latvia +371 67 660 191
Lithuania +370 661 05781
Luxembourg +352 20 30 16 51
Malaysia +60 11-1146 0072
Mexico +52 899 274 8802
Netherlands +31 6 35205054
New Zealand +64 7-974 6523
Nigeria +234 1 440 5021
Norway +47 73 79 03 12
Pakistan +92 21 37132321
Panama +507 833-6536
Poland +48 22 116 85 61
Portugal +351 21 114 3161
Romania +40 31 780 7052
Russian Federation +7 499 371-07-23
Slovakia +421 2/333 252 01
Slovenia +386 1 828 08 72
South Africa +27 87 825 0154
South Korea **** +82 70-7737-3406
Spain +34 872 50 31 51
Sweden +46 8 124 109 54
Switzerland +41 43 550 70 80
Turkey +90 212 988 1772
Ukraine +380 94 710 5920
United Kingdom +44 330 998 1259
United States +1 641-715-0700

***This dial-in number is located in Bahrain. ****This number is not available outside of South Korea.