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The Keys to the Kingdom -- Complete Workshop Taught by Paul Ferrini

Paul Ferrini Teaching Eight Spiritual Practices that can Transform Your Life

Nine hours of Video Instruction in English with Translation into German.  These videos have been bundled into an
online course with complete text.  Topics include:

1   Love Yourself
2   Be Yourself
3   Be Responsible
4   Be Honest
5   Walk Your Talk
6   Follow Your Heart
7   Be at Peace
8   Stay Present

& Using the Affinity Process with the Keys

The Way of the Witness and the Path of Compassionate Awareness

Video Recording of Paul Ferrini’s November,
2013 Retreat on Palm Island, Florida. 

ISBN #   978-1-879159-95-2  
This set contains approximately 5.5 hours of video.

List of Talks and Times
Talk #1      The Art of Bullfighting and the Path of Compassionate Awareness
Talk #2     The Way of the Witness: Being in the World but not of the World
Talk #3     Choosing Love
Talk #4     Being Yourself and Allowing Others to be Themselves
Talk #5     Giving up the Caretaker role, Becoming Vulnerable and Learning to Ask for what we Need
Talk #6     Two Powerful Triangles: Keys to the Kingdom 2-7, Healing Ourselves and Creating Healthy Relationships

Click on the links below to view excerpts.

Click to view: The Art of Bullfighting  
Click to view: Forgiving Mommy and Daddy
Click to view: Shiva and the Process of Letting Go 
Click to view: When you tell God you are ready to heal
Click to view: Witness Consciousness: Being in the World, but not of the World.
Click to view: Recognizing our Fear    
Click to view: Bringing Love    
Click to view: We Become the Book
Click to view: Paul Ferrini on the Retreat Experience
Click to view: Identification with the drama  
Click to view: Not Making it hard    
Click to view: In the Belly of the Whale

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Healing Your Life Taught by Paul Ferrini  

Paul Ferrini teaches all 12 steps of Healing Your Life at his April, 2013 Retreat on Palm Island.
Listen to the video excerpts below and you will taste the simplicity, clarity and profundity of this teaching.

In this powerful series of 5 DVDs, Paul Ferrini teaches his ground-breaking
Roadmap to Spiritual Transformation.  Paul developed this curriculum to help
us move through our pain, heal our childhood wounds and step into our power
and purpose in this lifetime. He describes in detail the 12 steps that take us out
of denial into a process of deep psychological healing in which our masks are
taken off, our patterns of self-betrayal are ended, and we begin to move through
the Dark night of the Soul that ensues when the False Self begins to fall apart.
The process is complete when the False Self dies and the light of the True Self
is born within our consciousness and experience. Then, like a brightly colored
butterfly, we leave our caterpillar-like self behind, spread our wings and begin to fly.
The result is Self-Actualization on all levels.

Listen to the video excerpts below and you will taste the simplicity, clarity and profundity of this teaching.

Click to view: Dark Night of the Soul
Click to view: We Are the Bringers of Love
Click to view: Dealing with Spiritual Crisis 
Click to view: Four Components of Creative Fulfillment 
Click to view: Relationship as a Path for Transformation
Click to view: Cultivating Open Heart and Open Mind

Three hour Video Highlights Film.  Click here to order the DVD for $36.00 plus shipping.
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Complete Video Recording     Click here to order the 5 DVD set for $111.00 plus shipping .

“When you bring acceptance and love   to your own experience,
  the world around you   appears in all its magnificence.”

The Power of Acceptance

Video Recording of Paul Ferrini’s November, 2012 Retreat on Palm Island, FL

In this series of talks, Paul Ferrini explores how our experience of the outer world
is a direct result of the quality of our relationship with ourselves.

The following excerpts are available for you to view

Click to view:  Cultivating a Compassionate Relationship with Ourselves
Click to view:  Acceptance and Trust  
Click to view:  Benchmarks on the Roadmap to Transformation
Click to view: Bringing Love to our Own Experience

Click here to download the 3 hour video as an MP4 file for $19.95

Meet the Film Maker

Lee Cholodenko has been attending Paul’s Spiritual Mastery
Retreats for several years now.  When it became important for us
to begin capturing the retreat experience on video, Lee volunteered
to help.  Even though he had no prior experience with filming or editing,
Lee committed himself to learning all the steps necessary.   
It is only through his devotion and love for the work that these
videos exist. We are deeply grateful to Lee for his service to our