Way of the Witness Audio

The Way of the Witness and the Path of Compassionate Awareness

Audio Recordings of Paul Ferrini’s November, 2013 Retreat on Palm Island, FL. 

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List of Talks and Times

Talk #1      The Art of Bullfighting and the Path of Compassionate Awareness
Talk #2     The Way of the Witness: Being in the World but not of the World
Talk #3     Choosing Love
Talk #4     Being Yourself and Allowing Others to be Themselves
Talk #5     Giving up the Caretaker role, Becoming Vulnerable and Learning to Ask for what we Need
Talk #6     Two Powerful Triangles: Keys to the Kingdom 2-7, Healing Ourselves and Creating Healthy Relationships

Click on the links below to view video excerpts of this audio product.

Click to view: The Art of Bullfighting  
Click to view: Forgiving Mommy and Daddy
Click to view: Shiva and the Process of Letting Go 
Click to view: When you tell God you are ready to heal
Click to view: Witness Consciousness: Being in the World, but not of the World.
Click to view: Recognizing our Fear    
Click to view: Bringing Love    
Click to view: We Become the Book
Click to view: Paul Ferrini on the Retreat Experience
Click to view: Identification with the drama  
Click to view: Not Making it hard    
Click to view: In the Belly of the Whale