ISBN 978-1-879159-83- 9    2 CD Set     $24.95

   ISBN 978-1-879159-83-9    2 CD Set     $24.95

The Three Phases of Transformation

Paul Ferrini discusses the Three Phases of his powerful Roadmap to Transformation that integrates the insights of psychology and spirituality. These talks were recorded at Paul’s January, 2010 Mastery Retreat in Florida.

In the Awakening Phase we come out of denial, stop hiding behind our mask, acknowledge our pain and our addictions. We become emotionally present in our lives. In the Healing Phase, we understand and begin to heal our wounds, change our negative beliefs and end our patterns of self betrayal. We relinquish the past. In the Empowerment Phase, we manifest creative and fulfilling work, and cultivate honest, equal relationships. We learn to trust our connection to the divine and help others to heal and come into their power as self actualized human beings. The CD concludes with a powerful talk on the meaning of Enlightenment.

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