Book Excerpt

From The Hidden Jewel by Paul Ferrini


Our happiness is directly proportionate
to our ability to see and experience
our innocence and that of others.


To see our innocence is to know
that we are worthy of love.


Our worthiness does not derive
from anything that we say or do.
It comes with our beingness.
It is therefore unconditional,
everpresent and eternal.


When we know in our hearts and minds
the innocence and essential worth of all beings,
We live in harmony and in peace.
We experience the ecstatic nature
of love without conditions.


The Core Self is Innocent.
It cannot be wounded nor can it attack others.
It wishes only to love and be loved.
This eternal one lives inside each one of us.
It is our very essence.


The Core Self is the hidden jewel within.
It is who we are at the most fundamental level.
It includes in their potential
all the gifts and talents we possess.
It is what makes us unique.
It is the blueprint we are born with.


All of us have a Core Self,
but not many of us are in touch with it.
That is because the Core Self can be encountered
only with unconditional love and acceptance


When we are connected to our Core Self,
we are connected to all that is.
We live in relationship to our Source
We abide in who we are.


The Core Self is not in the world.
It is in our heart of hearts.
The True Self is the expression
of the Core Self in the world.
It is in the world, but not of the world.


All of the talents and gifts of Our Core Self
are developed and expressed by our True Self.


The True Self is the engine of our creative expression.
Because it is aligned with the Core Self,
the True Self is energy incarnate.
It harnesses the kundalini energy
and puts it to work in our lives.


The Core Self is a noun, an essence, a potential.
The True Self is a verb.
It is action, movement, fulfillment.


The Core Self is about Being.
The True Self is about Doing.


Doing must always be in alignment with Being
or it will be wrong-doing.
All the work of the False Self is wrong-doing.
It is action without heart.
It is all about trespass and betrayal.


When Doing comes into alignment with Being,
action is heartfelt. It honors self and others.
This leads to right doing, right livelihood,
and right relationship.


When the True Self asserts itself,
we are reborn in integrity.
We become authentic and naturally
align with our Spiritual Purpose.
We live not from the outside in,
but from the inside out.
Our life is no longer driven by fear
and run by our ego.
It is inspired by love and
directed by the indwelling Spirit.