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Experience the Power of the Teachings

Pau Ferrini's Online Courses enable you to learn the basic concepts that underlie all of his teachings on a timetable that works for you.  All classes feature complete text and extensive videos of Paul teaching his work. You can read and watch as often you like.  If you want more support or interaction with others, you have the option of taking a virtual workshop with a certified teacher.

Following Your Heart: The Path to Self-Actualization

Paul Ferrini teaching how to end the patterns of self-betrayal and become an authentic, empowered person,  expressing your talents and gifts and fulfilling your purpose in this life.  This Course includes complete text and teaching videos.

Topics Include: Honoring Your Self,  Embracing Your Gifts, and Trusting the Universe

Click here to see a video clip from this Course:  Four Components of Creative Fulfillment 

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Creating a Spiritual Relationship

Paul Ferrini Teaching how to move out of co-dependency and begin to create an equal, empowered relationship between two authentic people. 

Topics Include: Moving Toward Equality and Mutual Respect, Establishing Healthy Boundaries, and Developing Honest, Compassionate Communication

Click here to view a video clip from this Course: Relationship as a Path for Transformation

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Special Offer:  40% off for a limited time.  Click here to purchase this Course for just $24.

Healing Your Life Taught by Paul Ferrini  

This is a special 3 hour video that contains highlights from Paul Ferrini’s online Course that presents his ground-breaking Roadmap to Spiritual Transformation.  This course help us move through our pain, heal our childhood wounds and step into our power and purpose in this lifetime. There are 12 experiential steps that take us out of denial into a process of deep psychological healing in which our masks are taken off, our patterns of self-betrayal are ended, and we begin to move into self-actualization, creating successful relationships and manifesting our creative gifts. 

Click below to view an except from the Healing Your Life Course.

Click to view: Dark Night of the Soul
Click to view: : We Are the Bringers of Love
Click to view: Dealing with Spiritual Crisis 

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