ISBN 978-1-879159-80-8       $49.00     5 CD Set

     ISBN 978-1-879159-80-8       $49.00     5 CD Set

Putting Flesh on the Bones

Recordings from the Santa Fe 2009 retreat

In Ferrini’s roadmap for the spiritual journey, we all go into crisis and face our deepest pain when the False Self (with its patterns of self-betrayal) falls apart. The True Self is born in this dark night of the soul in which our ego-driven behavior and search for happiness outside of ourselves comes to an end. Finally, we connect with our essence and begin to embrace the blueprint for our embodiment. A new joy is born in us as we are able to be authentic with others and cultivate equal, empowered relationships, doing work that we love to do. Doors that once were closed to us begin to open so that we can express our unique talents and gifts. By shining our light, we encourage others to heal and step into their power so that the purpose of our lives can be fulfilled.  Click on the links below to listen to excerpts from these CDs.

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Increasing Our Vibration  
Valuing Our Gift
Owning Our Stuff  
This is not Esoteric Work
Forgiving Ourselves
The Truth About Us  
Christ Consciousness

CD 1 –  Emotional Integrity: Dropping Our Mask/Healing Our Wounds – 58:06
CD 2 – Connection with the Core Self – 57:39
CD 3 – Healing is a Process – 68:46
CD 4 – The Challenges of Leadership – 64:13
CD 5 – Relationships, Authenticity, and Life Purpose – 70:34