Healing Your Life Course


Welcome to your Healing Your Life online course. I invite you to take this course with an open mind and an open heart. Let the teachings come in and touch your heart as they have for thousands of others. If you have any questions along the way or any technical concerns, email us at orders@heartwayspress.com.

Namaste.  Paul Ferrini

Phase One-Awakening

Discovering the Core Self

Below you will find a PDF file that provides an overview of Phase One of the Healing Your Life Course and contains important visuals that you will find helpful in understanding the overall Roadmap to Healing and Transformation provided in this Course.  Please review the overview before you begin and then click on each of the links below
to start working with each step in Phase One.

Phase One Overview with Important Visuals
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Below are the links to the Introduction and to each of the four steps in Phase One.
Click to begin working on each study unit.

Introduction to Healing Your Life

Step One: Come Out of Denial

Step Two: See Your Shadow

Step Three: Connect With Your Core Self

Step Four: Own Your Judgments


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