Healing Your Life Course

Paul Ferrini teaches all 12 steps of Healing Your Life Curriculum in this online course.

The great thing about the new online course is that you can do it whenever time permits and you can do it as many times as you wish.  It gives you instant access to a teaching that can transform your life.
     The combination of the online course with the virtual community membership provides readers and students with a powerful, in-depth experience of this work for a fraction of the cost of attending a retreat or a workshop in person.   Already we have received a great deal of feedback from Virtual Community members that our online community has been an ongoing inspiration and in many cases a life-saver for participants. 
     This new online course consists of 12 learning modules, one for each step on Paul's Roadmap to Healing and Transformation.  The first part of each module includes a substantial reading.  The second part features a video of Paul Ferrini teaching that step at one of his retreats.  And the third part consists of Journaling Questions that you are asked to answer in order to personalize the teaching and see how it specifically applies to your life.

You get all these components:

The Healing Your Life Text (180 Pages)

A $14.95 value if purchased separately

Phase 1-3 E Course Overviews with Four Color Visuals

A $99 value if purchased separately

Fourteen Hours of Video Instruction from Paul Ferrini

A $146 value if purchased separately

Phase One, Two and Three Journals with Questions

In the past, these were available only to in-person workshop attendees.

A $270 Value.  You can purchase all this now for $198 and Save $72. 

Click here to purchase the full course for $198.

If you want to test the waters first and see if the course is a good fit for you, you can purchase the Introductory Module now with the 3 hour highlights video for just $27 and buy the rest of the course when you are ready for $180. To purchase the Introductory Module only now for $27, click here.

The Online Healing Your Life Course and the Virtual Community

Our certified teachers have pointed out that people new to the work would benefit much more from Virtual Community if they are familiar with the underlying principles of our Healing Your Life curriculum.  We strongly suggest that you purchase the online class when you join the virtual community and begin working on it on your own time.

Do the On Line Course with Teacher Support

For those who want to do this class with a certified teacher, we offer 4-week Phase One and Two classes by telephone.  The classes meet for 75 minutes on four consecutive Thursdays at 8 AM Pacific Time (17:00 German time).   The Phase One class begins August 10, 2017.  A Phase Two Class will begin right afterward on September 7, 2017..

Please note: Virtual Community members can take the class at the discounted rate of $81 per class..  You can click here to sign up for Phase One.  You can click here to sign up for Phase Two.

Paul developed this ground breaking curriculum to help us move through our pain, heal our childhood wounds and step into our power and purpose in this lifetime. He describes in detail the 12 steps that take us out of denial into a process of deep psychological healing in which our masks are taken off, our patterns of self-betrayal are ended, and we begin to move through the Dark night of the Soul that ensues when the False Self begins to fall apart. The process is complete when the False Self dies and the light of the True Self is born within our consciousness and experience. Then, like a brightly colored butterfly, we leave our caterpillar-like self behind, spread our wings and begin to fly. The result is Self-Actualization on all levels.

Listen to the video excerpts below and you will taste the simplicity, clarity and profundity of this teaching.

Click to view: Dark Night of the Soul
Click to view: We Are the Bringers of Love
Click to view: Dealing with Spiritual Crisis 
Click to view: Four Components of Creative Fulfillment 
Click to view: Relationship as a Path for Transformation
Click to view: Cultivating Open Heart and Open Mind
Click below to view: Forgiving Mommy and Daddy Wounds