Healing Your Life

Creating Your Personal Roadmap to a Joyful & Empowered Life

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Healing Your Life Self Study Course
Each of the 3 Phases contains a book and journal and costs $33.00.  
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The Three Phases of Healing Your Life Workshop

Phase 1 Awakening

Moving through fear and shame. Learning to love yourself without conditions.

This Phase of the workshop will help you:

  • Learn to accept yourself radically and bring love and compassion to your own experience
  • Drop your mask and be real with yourself and others
  • Come out of your head and into your heart
  • Feel your pain, face your addictions
  • Open your heart, release your judgments
  • Connect with your Core Self/Higher Power
  • Take the first but most important steps on a healing journey that will transform your life.

External factors cannot create genuine happiness in our lives. We can have a good relationship, lots of money and success in our work and still be miserable.  Real happiness comes from the inside. It is based on having a loving relationship first with ourselves and then with others.  When we love and accept ourselves without conditions, we can be happy with who we are and we can accept life as it unfolds in our lives.  
     This sounds simple enough.  Yet real happiness is rare in our world. Very few of us are able to accept ourselves radically. Few of us know how to bring love and compassion to our own experience.   Few of us have acknowledged our hidden pain and our secret shame.  We have not taken the time to forgive ourselves and others who have hurt us.   We have not healed our childhood wounds or changed our reactive behavior patterns.
   In Phase One of the Real Happiness work, we have the courage to drop our masks and acknowledge our pain to ourselves and others.  We look at the addictive behaviors we have adopted to dull our pain or prevent us from feeling it.  We come to understand that pain is a wake-up call in our lives. It opens the door to true healing and empowerment.  
     In this first phase of the workshop you will come face to face with your shadow side and begin to connect with the Core Self within you that is not and cannot be wounded. This is the Source of Unconditional love and acceptance.  Once you are connected to the Source within, you can be the bringer of love to your own experience moment to moment. You can learn to see your judgments and those of others with compassion, so that you no longer get lost in the drama of shame and blame.

Phase 2 Healing

Healing Your Heart, Forgiving the Past, Giving Birth to your True Self

This phase of the workshop will help you to

  • Understand your Core Wound and Core Belief
  • End the cycle of abuse/victimization in your life
  • Surrender your False Self with its patterns of self-betrayal
  • Give birth of the True Self and begin living honestly and authentically

In Phase One we learned to drop our mask, acknowledge our pain and our shadow side and begin to connect with the Source of love within us.   This connection to love will now help us to investigate the source of our fear and shame.   In Phase Two of the workshop, we identify our childhood wounds, along with the shame and the reactive behaviors attached to them. We learn to understand our mommy wound and daddy wound as well as the core beliefs that arise from them.  We see how these unconsciously held beliefs limit our lives and prevent us from stepping into our power and purpose here.
     This phase of the requires our willingness to understand and to heal. The experiential work will help us see how our core beliefs and patterns of self-betrayal result in our adopting roles and responsibilities that do no honor us and keep us in locked in codependent relationships with others. It will help us see how we have become victims or victimizers and how we can and must end those dysfunctional roles by establishing good boundaries with others.  It will help us learn to stand up for ourselves and make our own choices and allow others to do the same.   By taking appropriate responsibility for our thoughts, feelings, words and actions, we will begin to move out of victimhood and live a more authentic and empowered life, trusting our innate talents and gifts.
     In Phase Two you learn to surrender the roles and responsibilities of the False Self so that your True Self can be born.   This can be a spiritual re-birthing experience that is neither comfortable nor pretty.  You are asked to let go of old patterns that have been blocking your life and open to new possibilities for growth and self expression.   In the process, you begin to build the foundation for living a more creative, fulfilling life, in which work and relationships support you in expressing your gifts and fulfilling your life purpose. 

Phase 3 Empowerment

Stepping into your Power & Purpose and Serving with Love.

This phase of the workshop will focus on three areas:

  • Honoring your gifts/stepping into your power
  • Developing equal empowered relationships
  • Living a surrendered life & serving with love

In Phase One we met our Core Self, walked through our fear and shame and started to reclaim our innocence. In Phase Two we relinquished our False Self with all of its masks and patterns of self betrayal. Now, in this third and final Phase of the work we are finally ready to embrace our True Self and fully step into our power and purpose.
   In order to do so, we must first learn to honor our gifts.  From a very early age, many of us learned to repress many of our talents and to express them the way others wanted us to. We betrayed ourselves in order to find acceptance and approval from our parents, teachers and other authority figures.  We learned to listen to others instead of listening to the quiet voice within. In short, we gave our power away.  Now, we must learn to believe in ourselves, trust our innate talents and gifts, and take creative risks in which we give ourselves permission to do be who we are and do what we love to do.
     Another important aspect of coming into our power is learning how to develop equal, empowered relationships.   Our relationships challenge us to learn to love ourselves without conditions. Our partners mirror back to us the amount of healing we have done and are willing to do. If we embrace the lessons of love, we can heal our wounds and create spiritual equality with our partner. We can move beyond patterns of
codependency and self-betrayal into our mutual power and purpose.  Our relationships can become a tool for transformation for us and for all those who are touched by our lives.
     Once you are expressing your talents and gifts and have created empowered equal relationships, you are ready to begin your service work. This requires that you learn to surrender your ego-agenda and become a servant of love who shows up when and where you are needed.  It requires all of your courage, all of your patience, all of your trust. You must learn to move out of your head into your heart and to abide there, even when life challenges you, even when fear comes up. With Spirit as your guide, you learn humility, trust and faith, and grace can unfold in your life as your will and God’s Will become one and the same.