Healing Your Life Audio

12 Steps to Psychological and Spiritual Transformation

Complete Audio Recordings (11 CDs)

In this powerful series of CDs, Paul Ferrini teaches his ground-breaking Roadmap to Spiritual Transformation. Paul developed this curriculum to help us move through our pain, heal our childhood wounds and step into our power and purpose in this lifetime. He describes in detail the 12 steps that take us out of denial into a process of deep psychological healing in which our masks are taken off, our patterns of self-betrayal are ended, and we begin to move through the Dark night of the Soul that ensues when the False Self begins to fall apart. The process is complete when the False Self dies and the light of the True Self is born within our consciousness and experience. Then, like a brightly colored butterfly, we leave our caterpillar-like self behind, spread our wings and begin to fly. The result is Self-Actualization on all levels.

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The following excerpts from these talks are available in video format:

Dark Night of the Soul
We Are the Bringers of Love
Dealing with Spiritual Crisis
Four Components of Creative Fulfillment
Relationship as a Path for Transformation
Cultivating Open Heart and Open Mind