Healing Mommy and Daddy Wounds

A Mommy or Daddy Wound involves too much, too little, or inappropriate attention from Mommy or Daddy. Your Core Wound cuts you off from feeling unconditional acceptance and love. Your Core Belief is created out of shame or unworthiness attached to your wound. Your Reactive Behavior usually involves a form of fight, flight or emotional withdrawal. It is usually triggered by people who confirm your Core Belief. In order to heal, you need to identify your Core Wound, Core Belief, and Reactive Behavior Patterns, and connect with the Wounded Child Within who feels unworthy of love.
     In this CD, recorded at Paul Ferrini’s January, 2010 Florida retreat, Paul presents these key concepts and leads participants in experiential exercises that help them discover the core wounds , beliefs, and reactive behavior patterns running their lives at an unconscious level.

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