Daily Messages of
Spiritual Awakening

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Healing our World


When we create out of the perception of lack,
we create a lot of stuff that we don’t really need. 
And then we have to find a way to get rid of it.
It is time consuming, inefficient, and not good for the planet.

No matter how much stuff we make,
we will never fill the hole in our hearts.
The only way that hole gets filled is when we realize
that we already have what we need. 

Only when we learn to bring love to ourselves
will we cease feeling unworthy or incomplete.
Only then will we stop projecting our unworthiness
upon each other and our world.

An Open Mind

Peace and clarity are the attributes of an open mind.
An open mind does not cherish opinions
or harbor prejudices.

It is not preoccupied with judgments
or interpretations.

An open mind is unfettered and free
to respond to the challenges of the moment.

It does not dwell on the past
or fantasize about the future.
It is present right here and now.

As a result, it is open to all of the possibilities
that might arise.


The Value of Experience

trees-in-the-landscape-in-the-fog-india small .png

If you knew the pain that would ensue
when you ate the apple,
you would not have eaten it.

You had to eat the apple to know the pain.

 That does not mean that the apple is bad.
It doesn’t even mean that the pain is bad.
Both are necessary to the experience of knowing.

Real knowing comes from experience.
That is why incarnation is necessary.



The process of forgiveness starts in your own heart.
It has very little to do with others.
It is easy to forgive others
when you have already forgiven yourself.
But it’s impossible to forgive others
if you have not forgiven yourself.

Truth Appears in Many Forms

images of aboriginee girls.jpg

    God has many ways of bringing us home.

    Do not think that those who follow
    a different path home will be denied salvation.

    Truth comes in all shapes and sizes,
    but it remains one simple truth.

    Our challenge is to learn to see the truth
    in every form, in each situation.

Meeting the Child Within

When you make friends with the child within,
s/he stops trying to manipulate to get love
and asks for love directly.  
Something miraculous happens
when the child knows that s/he needs love
and has the courage to ask for it.
People are touched and no longer turn away.
Her hurt, fear and sadness fade away.
Her sense of separation is bridged

The Dance and the Destination

In the end, all lakes and rivers empty into the sea.
    All forms of love merge into divine, unconditional love,
    the essence of who and what we are.

    All of us are pulled by an inner current to be born
    to grow, to individuate and to merge into the greater whole.
    That is the divine dance.

Opening to Love

    Every lesson that comes into your life
    asks you to open your heart and mind in a new way.

    Old defense mechanisms
    that are no longer needed for your survival
    must be surrendered.

    Inch by inch, the territory claimed by fear
    opens to love’s embrace.