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Everyday Wisdom --  A Spiritual Book of Days

        ISBN 1-879159-51-1     $13.95    

       ISBN 1-879159-51-1     $13.95    

Every Day Brings a Lesson!

Every day offers us incredible wisdom if only we can see the spiritual principles working behind the events and circumstances that areplaying out in our lives. Seeing those principles requires a daily practice that helps us look beneath the surface of our lives and encourages us to face the truth, even when it is difficult.
     Everyday Wisdom is a tool that can help you understand your spiritual lessons as they unfold each day of your life. Used in conjunction with journaling, it gives you a simple method of introspection, of looking within your own heart and mind, and finding the wisdom and the guidance that abide there. This book can be used as a Spiritual Oracle in conjunction with Wisdom Cards, the companion card deck.  Click here to order the book for $13.95


Many people want to be helpers, but they do not help themselves. They feed others, but they do not feed themselves. Is it any wonder that they burn out, become tired and disillusioned?
     If you are not fed by what you do, how can you feed others? Your happiness is not secondary. It is of primary importance. Abundance flows from your happiness. The gifts of God flow through your love and acceptance of yourself.
     When you are honest, you see that the aspects of your life that prosper are the ones that bring you the most joy. They are areas to which you give your greatest energy and attention.

You are the subject: your thoughts, your feelings, your words, and your actions. If you are willing to turn your attention to these, then you don’t have to run around like Don Quixote fighting windmills and saving damsels in distress.  You can be where you are and address the origin of joy and suffering inside yourself.  
     Enlightenment doesn’t involve getting something you do not have. It involves relinquishing a barrier you have placed between yourself and truth.  It is not so much a finding of truth, but a giving up of illusion.

The Miraculous

It is the nature of the ego to become attached to the past, and to project the past forward into the future. The ego wants what is familiar, because it is basically uncomfortable with change. Its job is to create continuity.
     If something is continuous, it is not miraculous. Miraculous events are not continuous with what happened before them. They represent a shift of energy, a movement out of past perception, past limitation.  They are unpredictable, unexpected and in many cases inscrutable.
     You call them miracles because God’s hand is in them. But without your permission, they could not take place.
     Without your surrender of the past, miracles could not come into your life. You prepare the ground for them. You create the space in which the miraculous occurs.
Now is the only Time there Is

Every moment contains all other moments. This moment contains all the past and all the future.
   That is why the central teaching of all spiritual traditions is to claim our awareness in this moment. While this moment may be only one point on the circle, any point will do. Any point is the alpha and omega. A special time or place is not needed. Here is as good a place as any; now is as good a time as any. There is nothing that you have to do first. There is nothing you have to do later. There is only what is happening now. That is your only responsibility.

      ISBN 1-879159-50-3      $10.95

      ISBN 1-879159-50-3      $10.95

Wisdom Cards:
Spiritual Guidance for Every Day of our Lives

Wisdom Cards will help you open to the source of wisdom within your own consciousness and determine propitious times for a significant event or project. These cards can be used in conjunction with the book Everyday Wisdom or independently of the book. An instruction booklet is included.

Each full color card features a beautiful painting evoking an archetypal theme. See the images below.  Click here to see all the cards.

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