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      ISBN 1-879159-45-7     $16.00

     ISBN 1-879159-45-7     $16.00

Enlightenment For Everyone

A Practical Guide to Realizing your True Nature

Enlightenment is the realization of the light that is within you.
It is the conscious recognition and acceptance of that light.  Paul Ferrini

This essential guide to self-realization contains eighteen spiritual practices that will enable you to awaken to the truth of your being. An exquisitely designed book that will be a life-long companion and an inspirational gift to friends and family. With an introduction by Iyanla Vanzant

160 pages   Hardcover$16.00
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The Good News

So the good news is that there is nothing lacking in you. The same spark that is within the heart of Jesus, or Buddha, or Moses or Mohammed is in your heart too. The bad news is that there is nothing special about you. You don't have any exclusive claim to the light. Actually, that's good news too.
     The truth is it's all good news. The light is within each one of us. Some of us do a good job of covering it over, but those who know how to look can see through our most ingenious disguises. An enlightened person knows how to look. Having seen the light within self, s/he can see it within others. When you see the light inside yourself, you become it. Then you look with the light and everything you see is full of light.
     Enlightenment is the potential of all beings. All people have the light within. But some people do not believe that they have it or they do not believe that others have it. Not believing that they have the light or believing that they have it exclusively, they block their connection with the Source. The truth within is shrouded by the erroneous ideas that they accept.
     Of course, as soon as false ideas are relinquished, truth can be seen. The light can been hidden or disguised, but it cannot be destroyed. It is ever-present and eternal. It simply awaits our willingness to recognize it as it is.

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