ISBN 978-1-879159-76-1         $24.95

            ISBN 978-1-879159-76-1         $24.95

Creating a Life of Fulfillment

Insights on Meaningful Work, Equal Empowered Relationships,
Connection to our Spiritual Guidance & our Life Purpose

A 2 CD Audio Set from Paul Ferrini’s Phase 3 Intensive in Vermont.

In this recording from a recent Real Happiness Workshop, Paul Ferrini discusses how we can create work that expresses our talents and gifts, build an equal, empowered relationship with intimacy on all levels, and connect with our higher power so that we can hear our guidance and begin to fulfill our spiritual purpose in this life. Ferrini helps us to see and relinquish the patterns of self betrayal that result in our giving our power away to others. He also helps us understand the spiritual crisis that we all go through as our false self begins to fall apart and our true self is born. This 2 CD audio set covers the major concepts from Phase 3 of Paul Ferrini’s Real Happiness work. 

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Building the Foundation for Success
House of Healing
Letting Go
Shared Reality
Showing Up for Your Inner Child
The Set-Up
Spiritual Crisis