We offer you a clear pathway to spiritual growth
and a vibrant community to support you on your journey of awakening. 

Our Virtual Community offers easy access to Paul Ferrini's transformational teachings and ongoing support for both students and teachers of Paul's work. Using audio and video conferencing, we offer classes with Paul and our certified teachers, as well as support groups and one-to-one mentoring.

Dear Friends,

Our Virtual Community brings together teachers and students of my work from all over the world.  If you are serious about exploring my work, membership in the community is the best place to start.  We offer my conference calls and videos, online self-study courses, and virtual workshops with certified teachers, all of which provide you with oportunities to learn the underlying principles of our work in a safe, supportive environment.  Your participation will enable you to internalize the teaching and apply it to resolving the problems and challenges of daily life. 

My work has always included three equally important foundational components.  The first is the teaching itself, which provides the intellectual underpinning of our work.  The second component is the community where people come together in classes, workshops and affinity groups to share their experiences and support each other in ending the patterns of self-betrayal and stepping into their power and purpose in life.  Finally, the third component is the spiritual practices that we all commit to doing on our own to create a more centered and peaceful life.

All three components have been built into the design of the virtual community. 

I hope that you will join us on our journey of awakening and empowerment.

Love and blessings,

Paul Ferrini.

Two Options for Membership

Weekly Support from Paul Ferrini and a Certified Teacher   $60 per month

90 minutes per week (72 hours per year). This is about the same amount of teaching and support you receive when you attend two intensive spiritual retreats with Paul during the year.  And the best thing is that it costs you only about 1/10th of what you would pay to attend two retreats, you do not incur any travel costs, and you do all the work from the comfort of your own home.  This weekly support program includes Paul's monthly teleconference and follow up video, as well as virtual workshops or affinity support groups with certified teachers. Choose this option if you can make a commitment to join bi-weekly courses/support sessions with a teacher.   Paul's talks and videos can be experienced live or viewed later on your own time.   Click here to Sign up  and begin right away.

Bi-Weekly Support from Paul Ferrini   $36 per month

90 minutes every other week. Participate in Paul's monthly teleconference and get a copy of the recording in case you cannot attend in person. You can send in follow up questions for Paul to address and you will receive a follow up video of Paul taking the subject deeper and answering questions from both students and teachers.  You can download the video and watch it whenever you want to.  Choose this option if you have a very busy schedule and cannot make a commitment to attend bi-weekly courses.  Click here to Sign up and begin right away.

Online Courses and Virtual Workshops

Regardless of the type of membership you choose, you will have access to a number of online courses that you can purchase a la carte and can study on your own.   These courses give you maximum flexibility.  You don't have to commit to a class schedule, but  can do the work at your own pace and at times that are convenient for you .  All Online Courses feature complete text and extensive videos of Paul Teaching his work. You can read and watch as often you like.  Click here to learn more about all of our Online Courses.
     If you ever want more support or interaction with others students, you have the option of taking a virtual workshop with a certified teacher.    Click here to see all of the virtual workshops we are currently offering. 
     If you are not familiar with Paul's recent work, we highly recommend that you purchase the Healing Your Life Online Course, which presents the core, foundational teachings including his roadmap to healing and transformation, and the Keys to the Kingdom Online Course which presents the spiritual practices involved in our work.  We also suggest doing the Courses as Virtual Workshops so that you can have the support and guidance of one of our certified teachers.   

See Our Calendar for of events the community..   

Group VS One on One Support

Attending a retreat or a workshop with Paul or a certified teacher offers you the most intensive experience of this work.  However, if traveling is difficult for you or if you want intensive support in between retreats, you can sign up for one  of our virtual workshops and work with a certified teacher in a group.  If you wish to have more intensive one on one support that is focused on you and your issues, you can request mentoring with one of our teachers.  We will do our best to find someone who can work with you. 
     There are  three options for mentoring.   Choose the one that works best for you.

One Session (1 hour) every 28 days $75.00

Two Sessions (2 hours)  Bi-weekly$140.00

Four Sessions (4 hours) Weekly $240.00

A three month commitment is required.  Your credit card will be charged on a monthly basis.   Note: Mentoring is open only to members of our Virtual Community.  We suggest that you mentor with your current group facilitator, but if this is not possible because of time constraints, we will assign you to another mentor.  

Spiritual Counseling with Paul Ferrini

If you are in the midst of a crisis, you can request a counseling session with Paul Ferrini. Paul gives priority to members of our Community.   Please email Paul describing you needs and he will get back to you.

 Experience Paul Teaching a Class -- Below Paul Teaches Step Eleven from hIs Healing Your Life Roadmap to Transformation








Meet the Teachers in our Virtual Community

More videos of teachers will be uploaded soon.