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Phase Three Healing Your Life Virtual Workshop with Chuck Greenwood

Chuck Greenwood will facilitate a four week Phase Three Healing Your Life Virtual Workshop for people who have purchased the online course and want additional instruction and support. Participants must agree to attend all of the classes and complete Phase One and Two either on their own or with a teacher prior to the start of this Workshop.

The class will meet for 75 minutes on  Thursdays at 8 AM Pacific Time
(17:00 German time) beginning on November 16, 2017. The cost of the class is $99 USD, but virtual community members will get a substantial discount and pay only $81.  Click here to sign up for this class at the discounted rate.

If you have not already have your materials, please purchase the online Healing Your Life Course and complete Phase One prior to the beginning of this Workshop.

You can click here to purchase it.