31 Day Spiritual Challenge Begins January 1, 2019 (See Details Below)

Join us on the Journey from Fear to Love

A 31 Day Online Retreat with Paul Ferrini

There are many doors to unconditional love.  Entering any one of these doors makes it easier for us to enter the others.  Cultivating one spiritual teaching helps us to cultivate all the others. 
     This course covers 31 Spiritual Teachings that can change your life. It contains the full text and 31 videos of Paul teaching the material. Why are there 31 teachings in this Course? Because each month has a maximum of 31 days and so there is a teaching and a practice for every day of the month.    Think of your first month of practice as a 31-day spiritual retreat.  Of course, you don’t have to travel to a monastery or retreat center. You don’t need to leave your home or your job.  You just need to create time and space within your life to focus on the Teaching and Practice for that day.
     Are you willing to invest 15 minutes per day for the next month?  If so, these teachings and practices can help you awaken the power of love and cultivate the great spiritual virtues that have been the essence of all of the world’s great religions.
     As you work with these teachings each day, life will bring you opportunities to practice them.  Each day you will be invited to cross the threshold. When the door opens, however unexpectedly, walk through it.  In this way, you create a simple daily practice that can transform your consciousness and your life.
         We may not know how to love without conditions when we come into this world, but we can use our time here to learn to open our hearts to love’s presence.  We can engage in a simple spiritual practice that helps us wake up, shine our light, and become an inspiration for others. 

Spiritual Teaching and Practices discussed in this course:

1.  Acceptance 2.   Forgiveness 3.  Humility  4.  Patience  5.  Gentleness  6.   Honesty 
7.    Generosity  8.  Compassion  9.  Detachment  10.  Trust  11.  Optimism  12. Perseverance 
13. Faith   14.   Gratitude  15.  Tolerance   16. Courage 17.  Integrity  18.   Equality 
19.  Creativity  20.  Peace  21.  Fidelity  22.  Moderation  23.  Ecstasy  24.  Nurturing 
25.  Wisdom  26.  Authenticity  27.  Abundance  28.  Innocence  29.  Grace  30.  Harmony  
31. Stewardship

Materials Included: This comprehensive course contains over 150 pages of new material plus 31 videos of Paul teaching the work.

Free Membership: As a special perk, we will give you a free month membership in our virtual community for January, 2019 so that you can participate in our 31 Day Spiritual Challenge, which will include two live talks by Paul Ferrini.

Cost: $299 includes unlimited access to the material whenever you want it.

31 Day Spiritual Challenge

Begins January 1, 2019  

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Join the members of our community in taking this 31 Day retreat with support from Paul and Certified Teachers in January, 2019. This is a powerful way to begin the new year. We hope that you will join us.

You can do this 31 Day Retreat on your own whenever you want to. But if you purchase the materials by December 25, 2018, we will give you a free one month membership in our Virtual Community so that you can do the online retreat with Paul Ferrini and his students and teachers around the world. Paul Ferrini will offer a live teleconference on January 1, 2019 to start the retreat and a live video lecture with questions and answers on January 15, 2019. Certified Teachers will offer discussion and support groups on January 8, January 22 and January 29 so that you will have weekly support throughout the month. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to participate in a life-changing event.

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